Did you watch Directv jimmy Swaggart in 2021 ?

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 Many people are confused about the the real knowledge but once all the correct information are received by the readers then many problem becomes easy to solve.

WJFM (88.5 FM) is  a station on Broadcasting  a Christian radio format. Licensed to Baton Rouge, this station is currently owned by Jimmy Swagger Ministry.

The listener-support station is travel by Son life Radio, a ministry of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

Viewers could even be able to see on CHANNEL NO: 33.3. It will operate the SunLife Broad Casting Network.

It temporarily stepped down because of the highest of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries..

Jimmy Ministry Makes $150 Million per year: Rich Life Style Reflects Swaggart Empire’s Wealth. 

In 2010, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries launched a 24-hour session each day in a television network that enhances the Sonlife Broadcasting Network (SBN) DirecTV, on channel NO. 344 DIRECTV, DishTV Channel 257, and various cable TV providers and broadcast stations.

Secondly, is SBN off the air, over-the-air station covering Milwaukee will change channels to 68.8 BUT NOW IS ON 88.5FM Charter/Time viewers will now find us on Charter Spectrum channel 388. Cox Rhode Island isn’t anymore on The Air: Cox has chosen to urge obviate SBN from their channel lineup.

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